Our Teachers and Staff

Name: Susan Cooke


Favourite artist: Guns & Roses

Interesting Fact: Original receptionist for YAMAHA, back in the day

Name: Terry King


Instruments played: Guitar, vocals, bass, drums and keyboard

Qualifications: Foundation degree in music

Favourite style to play: Musical theatre, rock and pop

Favourite artist: Foo Fighters and Saints of Arcadia

Interesting fact: Quiz master

Name: Susie Larthe de Langladure


Favourite artist: Any 90s boyband, Little Mix and Bruni Mars

Interesting Fact: Can not make/eat a sandwich without coleslaw

Name: Steven Moore

Instruments teaching: Keyboard and drum kit

Instruments played: Piano, keyboard, drum kit, tuned percussion and percussion

Qualifications: ATCH Diploma Percussion, grade 8 piano, grade 8 drum kit, grade 8 tuned percussion, grade 8 timpani and grade 8 snare drum

Bands/Groups played with: Whitley Bay Theatre, Tyne Theatre shows, Theatre Royal shows, Watson and the Elements, Absolute 80s, Northumberland orchestral Society

Favourite style to play: Jazz

Favourite artist: Bob Marley

Interesting fact: I collect world percussion instruments

Name: Alex Pattinson

Instruments teaching: Keyboard and vocals

Instruments played: Keyboard, piano and vocals

Qualifications: BA English literature and art, Qualified Yamaha Teacher

Favourite style to play: Everything, rock, pop, blues, jazz and musicals

Favourite artist: Foo Fighters and Daft Punk

Interesting fact: I know all the words to 21 Seconds by So Solid Crew