Keyboard: Play for Keeps

Yamaha keyboards in the classroom

Our ‘Play for Keeps’ course is a Keyboard course which covers a huge variety of content and teaches a broad spectrum of skills. It is designed for children aged 7+ and caters for adults too.

Play For Keeps students will learn how to play the Keyboard using chords and melodies while playing along to popular and contemporary songs like ‘The Final Countdown’ and even the ‘Game of Thrones’ theme tune.

In addition to learning how to play music, students will also learn to use our state-of-the-art Yamaha Keyboards which allows them to create beats, backing tracks and do entire concerts all on their own!

Our Keyboard classes consist of up to 8 students who learn in a collaborative and fun environment where they work towards structured goals using our bespoke Yamaha course books. These books work through Grades 1-8 and students can sit accredited Yamaha exams at the completion of each book.

While our courses are comprehensive and in-depth, our teaching philosophy at Yamaha Tyneside is based on one word – FUN.

We hope you’ll want to join us on a musical journey so please get in touch for a free taster lesson!